Effectiveness on wood and stainless steel

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Effectiveness on wood

Bluemorph has also had third party testing of the sanitizing ability of UVC on wood. Germicidal UV light (254 nm-UVC) is a technology that has been FDA approved for the decontamination of food and food contact surfaces (U.S. FDA 2000). As such it has demonstrated effectiveness in the log reduction of microorganisms on porous surfaces.

  • 99% less bacteria in 2 minutes
    Our studies performed by Microbiology Quality Associates (MQA), demonstrated at greater than 99% (log 2.2) microorganism reduction after a 2 minute exposure with the UVT60K.
  • 4.1 Log reduction in 12 minutes
    Our studies showed a 4.1 log reduction after 12 minutes of exposure to the UVT60K device.
  • Accurate testing methods
    The UVT60K was placed at a distance equivalent to that when applied directly through the bung hole of a barrel to simulate actual use. Studies were performed in a controlled environment on oak stavs taken from a barrel.

Effectiveness on stainless steel

BlueMorph has had extensive third party testing performed to ensure optimal log reductions are achieved in as little time as possible. Initial studies were performed by Microbiology Quality Associates (MQA) in Concord, CA. For sample third party trials performed at various companies please contact us.

  • 5 log reuction, under 3 minutes
    Our study demonstrates a 5 log reduction in the study organism (gram negative bacteria species) in 3 minutes. ​
  • Chemicals can’t compete…
    A study on a chemical cleaner was done in parallel and only achieved a log reduction of 1.7.
  • Relevant tests
    The study was performed on stainless steel coupons enabling them to simulate the tanks the technology would typically be applied to.