We have been using our BlueMorph UVT6k system for several years now and it has helped us save a tremendous amount of water as well as providing a safer cellar. The system is easy to use and reliable. The protocols for getting a tank turned over have also been improved and simplified. Saving water is now of great importance to us and this has proven an invaluable tool.
James Piper

Cellar Lead, Clos Du Val

We have multiple units at our facility, unless we are going from red to white or have tartrates in a tank, we just rinse the tanks with hot water and use BlueMorphUV. It saves a huge amount of time and provides a much safer cellar by eliminating most of the peracetic acid use.

Dan Botelho

Winery Production Manager, Jackson Family Wines

We have been using a BlueMorphUV UVT6k for a few years and save tremendous amounts of water and sanitizing agents. We use a simple hot water rinse followed by UVC. It is a huge time saver and has made our cellar operations safer. Our staff and clients welcomed the increased efficiency and better sanitation levels. We still use a chemical rinse protocol when called for but the savings have been remarkable.

John Wilkinson

Owner, Bin to Bottle

We have been using BlueMorphUV units for over 2 years, we now have them at multiple facilities and have seen firsthand how effective and reliable their patented technology is, reducing chemicals as a winemaker is always beneficial since you have less worry of the product being effected. The savings in chemicals and water are also tremendous allowing us to stay on the forefront of sustainability.
Randy Ullom

Winemaster, Jackson Family Wines

Having tested BlueMorphUV’s systems on stainless steel tanks at multiple facilities and companies within the wine industry, I have observed firsthand through microbiological testing studies (aseptic swabbing followed by filter plating and culturing) that their systems ensure more reproducible sanitary conditions than the standard chemical protocols such as Peracetic Acid, Chlorine Dioxide, Iodine, Steam, and Ozone. In addition, not only are the results more reproducible but the quality of sanitization is either equal to or higher than the current methodologies used in the wine industry. Finally, BlueMorphUV has demonstrated that if stainless steel tanks can be rinsed with only water to the point of being visibly clean and free of debris, their systems can achieve the same germicidal results as a full chemical cleaning and sanitization.​
Robert Tracy

Owner, BevTrac Mobile Quality Systems LLC